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e-mail us at mail@cairnsbrown.co.uk


Cairns Brown
Specialists in court work only - criminal and civil, both private and legal aid

We can give advice quickly and confidentially on any court issues you may have - a first meeting or telephone discussion is free. We can advise whether you will qualify for legal aid or give an estimate of likely costs.

Our areas of specialisation include almost all types of court work both criminal cases such as allegations of robbery, assault, possession of weapons, contravention of drug laws and driving charges; and civil issues such as accident claims, money or contract disputes, employment problems, and family matters, including divorce, separation and child residence (custody) or contact (access).

Phone us on the numbers below or, if you prefer, we will be very pleased to respond to e-mailed enquiries, which you can submit to one of our partners directly on our on-line enquiry form.

Alexandria - 01389 756979

Dumbarton - 01389 742777